When I first saw that the European championships will be increased for the 2016 tournament in France, I was pleased. More games I thought, to add to an exciting contest. However after euro 2012 kicked off I realised it was a bad move, all teams in euro 2012 have a case for winning the competition. But, when it’s increased to 16 can we really say, Montenegro has a chance of winning the tournament, I don’t think we really can. The increase of course, will mean eight teams are knocked out in the group stage, like the current format. However this will mean third places teams will go into the round of 16. This could lead to poor sides that should have been knocked out in the group going through or sides not willing to attack as they have secured a round of 16 slot because all the other third place teams are below them points wise.

It could work good, mind, we may get see the home nations all competing in a tournament. The added games could add to our footballing appetite that is formed during a major international tournament. And we of course, will get to see some great players who play for national sides that aren’t good enough to qualify currently.

Euro 2016 should be a great tournament for the most part. Being hosted in France no problems of racism or hooliganism will be raised. The French have hosted some pretty old old sporting events, the world cup 1998 was one of the best world cups in living memory,while the rugby world cup of 2007 was another fantastic sporting event.