The English premier league has held a recent arrogance as being dubbed the ‘best league in the world.’ Certainly in terms of excitement the premier league is high up in world football, who can’t say it wasn’t a thrilling end to the season, possibly the most thrilling in World football. But it depends how you look at in a league in terms of how good it is. Looking from the exciting point of view, then not many league rival the premier league. With regular shocks throughout the season, certainly the last with even the most informed football journalists unable to call between United or City. However even France’s ligue 1 not noted for its brilliance was very enthralling, with unexpected Montpellier pipping a heavy funded PSG side to the title.

If we look at football in terms of technique and skill, then la liga is clearly the best. With sides similar to that of Barcelona or Real unprecedented in the premier league today. Can the Premier League boast a player similar to that of exciting, Lionel Messi? No is the answer, although I’m not sure Messi would have the same freedom in Snowy midweek game at Stoke. La Liga isn’t the greatest league for excitement, but it is a great league if you want to see how the game should be played. As a pass and move simplistic style of play is rewarded with glory. Something that doesn’t happen in English football, with Arsenal. The orchestrators of passing football in the English game, unable to conjure a trophy in 6 years. However the cutting edge has been from their attack, perhaps keeping hold RVP and their new signings performing to their capabilities, the title would be an achievable target for Wenger’s men.

La Liga and premier league are great in their own individual ways, with la liga rewarding brilliance and flair, while the premier league rewards tactical bravery and produces pot luck.