Uefa is a joke, put it plain and simply. In fact, a disgrace, their ‘respect’ campaigns are a mere mockery of the shear efforts made by others to stamp out the ugly face of football. Serbia should be outright banned for the way they conducted themselves yesterday evening, racism on that level is barbaric and animalistic. Uefa have again failed to take real action, charging both England and Serbia for the ‘incidents’ last night. For me, England had nothing to be fault for, Serbia clearly started the brawls at the full time whistle and can we blame Danny Rose for his reaction after being subject to appalling abuse, I think not. The Serbian FA’s attempt to get themselves out of jail is honestly laughable, to deny racism didn’t go on is kidding themselves. They should be banned simply for lying, the evidence is clear for everyone to see. Somehow I think Serbia haven’t realised there was cameras in the ground, capturing the events.

It’s not the first racism has been the height of controversy in Serbian football, England u21s were subject to racial abuse when the sides met in Holland in 2007. Uefa charged Serbia, £16,000 and the result has been pretty poor, lets be honest here, they certainly haven’t learnt their lesson. A ban only seems necessary for these sides, the longer they continue to act in the way they did, the longer I feel there is no room for them in football.

Now, I’m not suggesting England are saints, but we need to address these issues. Yes, we could be hypocritical to call for a Serbia ban, due to racism seeming prominent in England over last twelve months. The fact is, football’s governing bodies need to look at such events as separate incidents, it doesn’t matter what we did in the past, it’s what happened in Serbia on Tuesday evening that needs to be addressed.