Liverpool is never an easy job for any manager to take up, but it provides an exciting prospect in managing a ‘big’ club. It is no different this season, Rodgers has, without little argument has took up one of the more difficult managerial positions in European football with the current state of Liverpool. He’s perhaps struggled since he’s come in, only one home win against Reading makes Anfield not the fortress it once was. But then again, for the past two seasons it hasn’t been as intimidating as it was in the 70s, 80s and 90s and to some extent the 00s. Despite this, he’s still done a good job. He should be give plaudits for bringing in youth players and persistently playing them, Raheem Sterling still only 17 has shown enough to display that he’s ready. Spanish trickster, Suso impressive in the Under 19 championship had warranted a place in the Liverpool squad. Rodgers has brought him in and he’s performed, with his confidence to move the ball about and cause problems for the opposition. Another player that is learning lessons since beginning to break into the Liverpool squad is Andre Wisdom. The young defender has learnt some valuable lessons recently especially against Everton and Anzhi in which he encountered some difficult situations. Of course, he’s shown ability, seeming like the type of player that can take over from Carragher, who does seem on his last legs this season.

The recent performance at Anzhi did impress me, despite Liverpool suffering a 1-0 defeat. For a young squad in a game that might have been surreal for some experienced heads, the youngsters played it well. Anzhi never really controlled the game at any point and they only scored due to some brilliance from Traore. One player that did stand out, was Jonjo Shelvey. The way he seemed to control the game made him look like veteran midfielder. Jordan Henderson has also come good this season after appearing to be lacking last season, he looks like he’s fits in well with Rodgers’ ethos.

Massive steps need to be made in the January transfer market for Liverpool. A new striker shall be top of the bill, so reliance on Luis Suarez can be brought down. Klaas Jan Huntelaar, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and even the out of favour, Mario Gomez seem like realistic targets.