Every season, it is the same. The relegated Premier League teams are the favourites to return to the promised land. This season is no different, with Blackburn and Bolton tipped as the takers of the automatic spots early on. It comes at no surprise, in recent season West Ham and Newcastle managed to bounce back on the first attempt. Many have not been so lucky, with the likes of Sheffield United and Coventry dropping down to League One.

Bolton and Blackburn could fear the same fate as the Coventry. Blackburn have went through two managers this season after the sacking of Henning Berg. Sitting 17th in the league and with off field issues, Blackburn are a club in ruin. Bolton are not much better off, after sacking Owen Coyle. Dougie Freedman has struggled to settle in, as Bolton have remained inconsistent. Which has killed their promotion bid. It is easy to see why these Promotion attempts have ultimately failed. The belief that they have a higher entitlement to promotion than other clubs added with the deluded belief that the Championship harbours a poor standard has lead to their downfalls. Blackburn quite obviously have these view, their indian owners were known supporters of the plan to scrap relegation.

One thing was also missing from their promotion bids, team spirit. After relegation, a motivator needs to be there. Owen Coyle and Steve Kean did not provide this. In the case of West Ham and Newcastle, Sam Allardyce and Chris Hughton were certainly the type to ‘rally the troops’. A phenomenon in recent Championship seasons has nailed on the importance of team spirit, an underrated trait in football. This phenomenon is the back to back promotions, Norwich and Southampton have managed it, bringing up an average squad, unified by a glued in team spirit. They both stormed the league, on the fact that they had a team that was finely tuned like clockwork. Every player knowing his job and doing it. The belief that no player is bigger than team.

The Championship again reflects this. Malky Mackay has managed to build a unified squad that has finally clicked as unit following his first year in charge. Hull, Crystal Palace and Middlesbrough are other contenders for promotion. Three teams that have a great idea what they are doing, a well thought out plan that they are trying to perfect.

Until the importance of team spirit is realised by relegated Premier League teams, they will continue to find life in the Championship very difficult. Eyes need to be opened to the harsh reality of complacency in the Championship.